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Pediatric ENT

Lawrence Otolaryngology Associates

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Pediatric otolaryngology requires special care, focus, and compassion. Our board-certified doctors at Lawrence Otolaryngology Associates are specialists in pediatric ear, nose, and throat medicine. From performing infant tongue-tie releases to removing items lodged in children’s ears and noses, we care for your little one with a gentle touch. All of the hospitals at which we do surgery have anesthesia providers who understand children’s needs and have extensive experience treating children. We proudly serve the Lawrence and Ottawa areas with a community-driven focus. If your child needs ENT care, call us and request an appointment.

Pediatric ENT Q & A

What is pediatric otolaryngology?

Pediatric otolaryngology focuses on ear, nose, and throat health care for children. Addressing ENT issues for children — as young as newborns — requires unique empathy and care since babies can’t directly communicate what is bothering them.

Children face different sets of issues when it comes to ENT health, including tongue ties that interfere with feeding. They’re also susceptible to curiosity, which sometimes results in their putting small objects in their narrow ear canals or nasal passages.

At Lawrence Otolaryngology Associates, we know how difficult it is for you and your child when situations like these arise. We focus on being minimally invasive and getting your child back to feeling better quickly.

What is Tongue Tie?

Many infants who have problems breastfeeding have Tongue Tie, which occurs when a membrane under the tongue restricts movement. Indications of a tongue-tie in your baby include:

  • Clicking or gulping air when they feed
  • Inability to create suction
  • Failure to gain weight
  • A tongue that can’t protrude
  • Nipple pain with breastfeeding
  • A notched tongue tip

If you’ve noticed any of these issues, speak with your provider or lactation consultant, then call us to see our ENT physicians.

We’ll apply a topical numbing agent to the band of tissue that connects the tongue to the bottom of the mouth (the lingual frenulum). Then we’ll delicately cut the frenulum to give the tongue more mobility. With our gentle touch during the procedure, bleeding is minimal, and no stitches are needed. Your baby will even be able to go back to feeding immediately.

What should I do if my child gets an object stuck in their ear or nose?

Kids like to explore, so we’re used to hearing about the occasional green pea in the ear. First, don’t panic. Second, don’t push it farther up the nose or in the ear.

Objects in the ear can usually be removed in our office during normal business hours. Keep water out of the ear until then.

Objects in the nose can be tricky. If this happens, do not try to remove it. Instead, call our office at Lawrence Otolaryngology Associates or your primary care office right away, or head to the emergency room to get it checked out.

What about a second opinion when surgery is recommended?

Since most surgeries done in ENT are to improve health rather than correct life-threatening conditions, you’ll have time to get a second opinion if you wish.

We’re also happy to provide a second opinion for you if you’ve been seen at another office. If you want to have a second opinion about our recommendation, let us know and we will be pleased to help arrange it.         

Whether it is your health or the health of a family member, we want to help. Call us and request an appointment.

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