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Dysphonia is a raspy change in your voice that happens when the vocal cords are not vibrating smoothly. It can occur at any age and has a variety of causes. Our speech-language pathologist, Jennifer Cannady, and our physicians at Lawrence Otolaryngology Associates will team up with you to create a personalized voice therapy program that strengthens your voice and boosts your confidence. For voice surgery or other complex voice treatments our Kansas Voice Center director, Dr. Lee Reussner has helped thousands of people. If you live near any of the communities we proudly serve -- Lawrence and Ottawa and want to improve your voice, call and request an appointment with us.

Dysphonia Q & A

What is dysphonia?

At Lawrence Otolaryngology Associates, our speech-language pathologist knows that the weakening of your voice due to dysphonia can have a significant impact on your life and outlook.

Dysphonia can dramatically alter your voice and ability to speak. Its symptoms include:

  • Tiring out of the voice with speaking or singing
  • Loss of higher singing range
  • Voice cracking
  • A weaker voice that cannot be heard as well
  • Hoarse voice
  • A shaky voice
  • Pain when speaking

Strained vocal cords may heal on their own, but if you notice your voice gradually changing, you should visit us so we can give life and strength back to your voice.

What causes dysphonia?

Dysphonia can affect any of us, and it can be brought on by a bruised vocal cord such as might be caused by yelling at a sporting event, swollen vocal cords from vocal trauma, overuse from jobs that require constant speaking, or weakening of the voice muscles as a result of aging.

Our speech-language pathologist understands how important your voice is and can help you find ways to heal your vocal cords.

What is corrective voice therapy?

At Lawrence Otolaryngology Associates we understand how important it is to have a strong, proud voice. Our dedicated speech-language pathologist can work with you to customize a voice therapy plan.

Working with the speech pathologist, you use vocal exercises to restore your voice's full strength. Similar to lifting weights to strengthen your muscles, voice therapy strengthens and retrains your vocal cords.

Our specialized vocal therapy is an essential first step for kids with hoarseness, as it helps them gain good voice habits that will keep their voices clear and strong for a lifetime.

Our mission is to work as a team to restore balance and strength to your voice through a vocal therapy regime. It’s a painless, non-surgical way to build up your voice.

If you’ve noticed a decline in your voice, or have a child struggling to gain good speech patterns, come see us: Call and request an appointment to start voice therapy.

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