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Hearing Aids and Accessories


Acknowledging hearing loss and making the decision to seek treatment can be life-changing.  For some, it can take years to accept the presence of hearing loss and even longer to proceed with hearing instrument fitting.  We are happy to take this first step with you in this journey.

We at Lawrence Otolaryngology Associates take our role in guiding our patients through this decision process seriously.  We value your experience and are committed to helping find a suitable device for your lifestyle and budget.

Your Appointment

The people closest to you are often the ones you want to hear the most but have the hardest time doing so.  For that reason, we strongly encourage you to bring a friend or loved one to your consultation. Plus, we will be discussing a lot of information in a short period of time, so having that extra set of ears present can help fill in any information you may miss.

Hearing Aids

There are many styles and sizes of hearing aids available.  The style we recommend is determined by a combination of factors, including your lifestyle, the severity of your hearing loss, manual dexterity, cost and cosmetic concerns. New options such as rechargeable batteries and Bluetooth compatibility may also influence our recommendation and your final decision.

All hearing aids purchased from our office come with manufacturer warranties for factory repairs and a one-time loss replacement.  The price of any hearing aid includes the device, manufacturer warranty, fitting, adjustment and follow-up services for the first 30 days.  During this 30-day trial period we will work intensively with you to maximize the benefit of your hearing instruments. We also offer a variety of care plans for patients to customize their hearing aid care.

Our Audiology team dispenses hearing aids from a variety of manufacturers; however, we are not affiliated with any specific manufacturer which allows us to choose the appropriate product that suits each patient’s needs.  

Caring for your Hearing Aid

In order to ensure optimal benefit and hearing aid longevity, regular maintenance is essential.  Many repairs can be completed in our office.  When possible, our staff will review the issue with you, and provide you with the necessary instruction and supplies to help prevent future problems.  If an in-office repair is not possible, we may send your hearing device to the manufacturer for repair.  After receiving the hearing aid back within 7-10 days, we will return your hearing aid to you, scheduling a visit if necessary to verify programming, settings and your satisfaction with the repair. 

Hearing Aid Accessories & Supplies


Many hearing aids are compatible with additional accessories that allow for easier listening in noisy situations, while watching tv, listening to music or using your phone.  These devices can stream sound from outside sources directly into your hearing aids, giving you the ability to hear more clearly and adjust volume independently. More recently, most hearing aids offer direct connectivity with smart phones. This capability uses Bluetooth technology and does not require any addition device to connect to your hearing aids. Several manufacturers offer apps that allow you to control your hearing aid settings through your smartphone, as well as enable the hearing device to function as a wireless headset. Once hearing aids are paired with the smartphone, it is truly hands-free, with the phone ringing directly in your ear and the built-in microphone clearly transmitting your voice.


Your hearing aids require a steady power supply in order to work properly to ensure optimum performance, clarity and reliability.  We offer quality zinc air batteries in a variety of sizes. Most manufacturers are now offering rechargeable batteries as an option. These batteries are convenient and easy to use, an overnight charge providing a full day of use. Best of all, eliminate the need for replacing batteries, saving money, time and environmental waste.


We offer a variety of cleaning supplies and storage devices that allow you to clean and care for your hearing devices. Our audiology staff is committed to providing our hearing aid patients with the information, education and support to maintain top performance and longevity of their hearing devices. 



We’ve been serving people in the Lawrence area for over thirty years. If you or a loved one are experiencing hearing loss, we’re here to help at Lawrence Otolaryngology Associates, LLC.  Click here if you would like to learn more about hearing loss.

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